Hyper Revenue Sdn. Bhd. Bhd. (HRSB) is a registered with 100% Bumiputera own company having several of STEVIA based products for Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Brunei.

Operated since January 2011, objective HRSB is to cater all demand regarding SUGAR FREE products in the present market especially for those diabetics and having problem with consuming regular sugar nowadays.

With the slogan 'YOUR HEALTH WE CARE', HRSB supports the Malaysian Government to help the comunities free from all kind of deceases which cause by consuming regular sugar in the market by replacing them with STEVIA (natural sweetener with 0% calori).

HRSB invites for those who interested to become part of this industry (SUGAR FREE), do contact us for furthur explanation.

Thank you..