Local Name:  Stevia
Scientific Name: Stevia Rebaudiana
Other Names: Teh manis,sweet leaf of Sweet tea, sweet leaf of Paraguay Paraguay , caa-he-éé, , CAA-he-EE, kaa jheéé, ca-a-jhei, ca-a-yupi, azucacaa, eira-caa, kaa jheéé, ca-a-jhei, ca-a-yupi, azucacaa, eira-CAA,
synonyms: Eupatorium rebaudianum capim doce, erva doce, sweet-herb, Eupatorium rebaudianum Capim Doce, Doce erva, sweet-herbs, honey yerba, honeyleaf, yaa waan, candy leaf, sugarleaf honey yerba, honeyleaf, yaa waan, candy leaf, sugarleaf
Family: Astereacea Astereacea
Origin: Paraguay
Biogeographic Realm: Nearctic and Palearctic


Stevia is a genus of 150 species of herbs of the sunflower family (Astereacea). It is a plant that originated from the tropics and sub-tropical South America and Central America.

Stevia is widely used as a sweetener is stevia Rebaudiana of species. It is a herbaceous plant .the medium used is of the type of shaft so that no water will stagnate.Tumbuhan require adequate water and should be watered 2 times a day in hot weather.

It will dry quickly and die if the deficiency air.Daunnya oval. Bergerutu.Dalam stem is smooth and the optimum stevia can reach up to 1 meter or more.Ia produce small flowers berwara putih. flowers resemble daisies the other, Bunga size will produce seeds. to grow it often using stem cuttings.

Stem cuttings easily, it can also reproduce using seeds, but seeds germination rate is very low so it is rarely planted with seeds. Stevia has been used as a natural sweetener by the community brazil  and paraguay hundreds of years ago.

It was first used by the Guarani Indians in the red paraguay paraguay since 1500 years ago. It is used primarily to sweeten herbal tea mereka.Selain than that it is also used to sweeten foods mereka.Mereka also use stevia as an antidote, especially to lower high blood pressure, diabetes and ease treating burns. FOR MORE INFORMATION: (click the title below)