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750 ml



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Stevia Rebaudiana

Sweet Stevia
Stevia plants 200-300 times sweeter than cane sugar.

INCREASE the price of sugar from 1 January, the public complaints received have been considered part of the main requirements of life. As expected, took place the sugar shortage in the market other than panic buying by consumers so far have been mixed with the sweetener.

Consequently, the government has taken various measures to overcome them and at the same time encourage people to reduce their sugar intake due to the increasing number of patients with diabetes and high blood each year.
However, in between the bustle of the campaign to reduce sweet (sugar) in food and add a sweet smile, came the excitement of some of the highlights of substitutes such as honey, sugar, artificial and stevia. Honey and sugar to the normal course of artificial sounds, but stevia?

Stevia is a plant quite new in this country despite the fact has been used in some countries as a sweetener. A plant whose scientific name is Stevia Rebaudiana, used Indian Red Guarani indigenous community in South America since 1,500 years ago as a sweetener for the bitter medicine.

It is also known as food supplements and herbs to treat diseases related to diabetes, obesity, lower high blood pressure, diabetes and ease treating burns. However, his name began to be references to the local population about five years ago when the usefulness as a suitable sweetener in diabetic patients take a scene and dealt with lately dilonjak as potential commercial crops in the country.

Principal Research Officer, Research Center for Rice & Industrial Crops Research and Development Institute Pertanian Malaysia (MARDI), Dr Tan Swee Lian, said Stevia from Paraguay, South America.

"Leafy trees shrubs oval, stick soft, smooth and rough flower is also known as sweet leaf or honey because they contain material that is 200 times sweeter than sugar although there are still bitter taste.

"Stevia has two main components of the sweetener in them, and rebaudiosid steviosid A. Both sweeteners would be reduced if the crop is harvested earlier.

"If the material rebaudiosid A steviosid and isolated in the laboratory, the bitter taste of stevia will be removed and it is suitable to be used as a sweetener with no bitter taste. The bitter taste of stevia is less popular among some people and become a major obstacle as a food substitute for sugar, "he said
He explained that stevia first brought into this country in the 1970s and continuing review of it to this day, yet only known from five recent years.

He said, stevia has been used as sugar substitute in Japan and the sweetener industry controls 40 percent while South Korea became the second largest country to make stevia as a sweetener. In Canada , India , China , Russia and Paraguay, this sweeteners are operated commercially.

He explained that before a skeptical public benefits of stevia as studies on mice in laboratories, making a lot of sweetener and continuing cause of the animal sterile.

"There are no specific studies done on humans, and if you want to compare with the indigenous communities in Paraguay, it is difficult to get the right answer because they do not eat stevia continuously and in large quantities. Community ate the bitter taste of stevia to eliminate drug substance alone and not be mandatory for every meal.

"In fact, the first time the U.S. government had banned the entry of stevia as a sugar substitute. However, in late 2008, the Food Administration and the U.S. Drug Administration (FDA) to approve stevia as a food that is safe for consumption and are classified as herbal supplement and not substitute for sugar, "he said.

Now, millions of people in Brazil and Japan use stevia as a food flavor and natural sweeteners, flavors and even a food approved 20 years ago. The population of Japan's largest consumer group said using stevia to sweeten the purpose of almost all food products including pickles, soft drinks and chocolate.

Potensi stevia di Stevia potential of the Malaysia Malaysia 

WHAT ARE THE potential of stevia as a commercial crop in this country? Can it be a substitute for curry industry?

Director of Research Center for Rice & Industrial Crop Mardi, Mansor Puteh, said Mardi receive many requests and questions about stevia, especially after the rise of sugar prices.

However, herbs which are not suitable for commercial plantations of sugar substitutes because of less economic value due to low prices, quality is not as good as other similar plants produced in the country with four seasons.

"To get a kilogram of dry stevia, at least five kilograms of fresh leaves needed at about RM1.40 per kg, while the cost of production may exceed the price of RM7 per kg crop.

"According to research, stevia is grown in this country because of lack of quality fast flower is harvested earlier than necessary. In Malaysia, too, it usually can grow to a height of one meter from the country's four seasons, reaching three meters in height. "Thus, if there is any company that wants to have the intention of doing so on a commercial for the replacement of sugar, I like to advise that it wishes to forget it," he said.

Mansor said, it's better if the plants cultivated for the purpose of marketing material or herbal supplements in health food and drinks, especially those with diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

"We welcome anyone interested in developing this crop in the herbal supplement industry.  In fact, willing to provide advice, assistance and guidance as well as continue to conduct research to improve the quality and harvest yield of stevia in this country, "he said.

Meanwhile, Principal Research Officer, Research Center for Rice & Industrial Crops Research and Development Institute Pertanian Malaysia (MARDI), Dr Tan Swee Lian said, there are several other materials being studied to replace the sugar, but they were not suitable for commercial production because the cost of other major problems getting raw materials.

Among the plants that are 'Thamaucoccus', forest trees, such as Masjid Fatimah, but it's difficult to run because of the very few that produce fruit sweetener.

In addition, honey is also difficult to run a large scale because Malaysia has no fruit growing areas as large as the Australia and the United States to allow the bees suck nectar from flowers on fruit trees.

However, said Dr Tan, only four of the 100 species of stevia are appropriate to the weather and environment in the country.

He said, Stevia can be grown and cultivated in this country but there are some issues that need to be entrepreneurs because of the risk of the plant can produce good results if long exposed to the sun.

"In this country, only 12 hours of daylight, the leaves produced significantly less exposed to the sun. But , Malaysia could reap as much as nine times the revenue as we warm throughout the year.

"Compared to countries with four seasons, the heat is about 16 hours and harvest can be made twice in the summer period of about three and a half months. Because of the heat and sun exposure is high, then the result of better quality stevia because it steviosid and rebaudiosid A higher plant.

"In this country, we can make the heating system is to use light as plants such as chrysanthemums or Chrysanthemum, but this is not possible for stevia because the price is too low, while the use of light requires a higher cost," he said.

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A little question about the sugar ..

What is the real sugar? 
Sugar is a nutritious food without the most widely consumed and harmful.  Sugar just adds calories and will be stored as fat in the body.  It is not nutritious, but will immediately remove the existing substances in the body. Sugar is also a major cause of obesity!

 Does your body need sugar? No need! This is because our body will convert many other sources of food to glucose when the body needs energy.

What is the effect if taken too much sugar?

1. Weakened immune system (to fight disease)
Disrupt the balance of minerals in the body
Cause children to become hyperactive, restless and mischievous.
Cause the child to reduce sleepiness and fitness
Affect children's achievement in education
Increasing levels of triglycerides
Weaken the immune system against bacterial infections
Kidney damage
Reducing good cholesterol (HDLs)
Encourage the growth of dangerous cholesterol (LDLs)
Reducing Chromium in the body
Reduce copper in the body
Interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium by body system
Cause breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and rectal cancer
Cause cancer of the colon (large intestine) and very high-risk women
Factor for gallbladder cancer
Improve blood glucose market quickly
Weaken vision
Increase serotonin levels which narrows blood vessels
The cause of kidney problems for men

The cause of stomach acid
Increasing levels of adrenaline in children
Increase the risk of coronary heart disease
Accelerate the aging process, wrinkles, graying of hair
Lead to alcoholism
 Dental damage
The main contributor to obesity
Increased risk of Crohn's disease and colitis berulser
The cause of the intestinal tract inflammation among patients with gastric
The cause of arthritis

The cause of asthma
The formation of kidney stones
The cause of yeast infection or candidiasis
The cause of gallstone formation
The cause of ischemic heart disease.
The cause of appendicitis pain
Induce signs of multiple sclerosis
The cause of bleeding
The cause of varicose veins 40. Improve glucose and insulin response to the practitioners of the pill prevent pregnancy

Causes of Gum pain
Contributors to Osteoporosis
The cause of the saliva becomes acidic
Insulin sensitivity causes of decline
Glucose tolerance causes of decline
Reducing the growth hormone
Improving cholesterol
Increasing systolic blood pressure
Cause protein structural changes to disrupt the protein absorption by the body
The cause is allergic to food
Contributor to diabetes
The cause blood poisoning during pregnancy
The cause of eczema in children
The cause of cardiovascular disease
Weaken the structure of DNA
Cause Cataracts
The cause of emphysema
The cause of arteriosclerosis
The cause of the formation of free radicals in the bloodstream
Degrading the ability of the enzyme

The cause of loss of tissue elasticity and function
Causes of liver cells divided and this will increase the size of the heart
Increasing fat in the liver
Enlarge the size of the kidney
High pressure to the pancreas and will ruin
Fluid retention in the body
Causes of constipation
The cause of farsightedness
The cause of the capillary layer
The cause of hypertension

Causes of headaches
Interferes with the ability to think
Causes of depression
Increase the insulin response
The cause of bacterial fermentation in the gut
The cause of hormonal imbalance
Increase the risk of blood clots in the body
Improving Alzheimer's disease risk
Why are some foods that list ingredients written no sugar but still sweet?
Do not be fooled! Sugar is usually called by other names such as:
Glucose, fructose, LaktosaMaltosa, Sucrose, Glucose Syrup, Maple Syrup, molasses, black syrup, golden syrup, dextrose & Sorbitol.

How much sugar is in foods and beverages?
1) carbonated drinks 500ml - 4.14 teaspoon
2) drinks in cans without gas 350ml - 9.6 tsp
3) drinks in cans of chocolate malt 125ml - 5.5 tsp
4) fruit cake 40g - 3.5 tsp
5) bersalu breakfast cereal Honey 220g - 10.1 teaspoons
6) small bottle of cough medicine at the pharmacy - 15.8 teaspoons
7) the normal size piece of chocolate ice cream - 7.7 tsp
8) fast food restaurant Sundae - 3.10 teaspoon
9) immediate chicken spice pack - 4.7 tsp
10) Drinks berkultur a small bottle - 2.7 tsp
11) sweetened condensed milk in a small tin - 35.5 teaspoons!

Why Malaysia is placed as the highest consumer of sugar in the world?
This is considered a world record! Even though our football team is not successful, but we seem to still be known in the world. People are the most obese country in the Asia Asia and diabetics have the greatest number in the world! Proud? Our country as an emergency when the hidden sugars recently.

In Japan, there is no sale kilo of sugar, sugar was hard to find. ( Sweetened condensed milk far (let's think what they use?)

But in Malaysia, we are threatened by state and socio-economic. Drink the tarik at the mamak stalls, bribed fast-food ads to lead our children whine asked to buy the set that comes with carbonated drinks (9 teaspoons of sugar!). Be careful


COCONUT MILK RICE usually have become mandatory for Malay cuisine. No one can overcome the taste of the fragrant smell of white rice, cooked with coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves and add up with anchovy sauce, fried beans, eggs and cucumbers.

After that it ended with a glass of The Tarik - a sweet milky tea. Teh Tarik also happens to be the official beverage of the people in Malaysia . . But unfortunately, this coconut milk rice and the teh tarik for breakfast every day is not a best option in terms of health... Read further ...

What happened to the white rice in our body?

Once it is edible, white rice is converted into glucose and is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. . Any increase in blood sugar will give a signal to the pancreas to produce and release insulin. . These hormones will cause the cells to rub glucose. . Without insulin, glucose will drift floating around the bloodstream, can not enter into the cells that need it. . Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin or can not use it properly.

White rice contains what is known as the Glycemic Index (GI) are high. . This means that it will cause an increase in blood sugar and insulin levels are sustainable. . Carbohydrates are easily digested and will not cause an increase in blood sugar and insulin levels lower and more slowly. . As such, it provides less pressure on manufacturers of machinery in our cells to insulin and help prevent type 2 diabetes. . Such food is said to have a low glycemic index. . Examples include the complete original wheat, brown rice, cereals or other facilities, and most beans and legumes.
Our cells depend on a single simple sugar is glucose, which is mostly needed by cells to build the energy. . Our body has an elaborate mechanism to ensure that the level of glucose in the blood flow did not drop too low or too high soaring. Glucose comes from the digestion of sucrose (table sugar) and carbohydrates such as rice, bread, potatoes, bread, pancakes, etc.

Types of diabetes: A form of diabetes will occur when the immune system to attack and cripple forever the cells making insulin in the pancreas ... This is known as diabetes 'type 1' which was once known as the beginning of the juvenile (juvenile onset) or insulin dependent diabetes . Another form, namely the type that likes to spread in the human body, and it takes years to develop into full diabetes. . It begins when the muscles and other cells stop responding to open the door for glucose signal provided by insulin.

Body reacts by making more insulin, it actually thrash and forcing blood sugar into cells.. Finally, the cells making insulin becomes weak and fail. . This is known as diabetes 'type 2' and 90% of patients afflicted by diabetes world. . Every 10 seconds, one death due to causes related to diabetes and the disease is the fourth highest cause of death in the world.

Whether pre-diabetes will develop into type 2 diabetes completely, largely depends on the individuals themselves who should take note of the weight loss and exercise activities. Diet not only to prevent pre-diabetes from becoming diabetes, but also to restore blood glucose levels to normal range.

In fact, complications due to diabetes such as coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease, stroke, diabetic neuropathy, amputations, kidney failure and blindness is rising.
Those who have pre-diabetes have blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be confirmed as a full diabetes. People with pre-diabetes have blood glucose levels less than 6.1 to 7 mmol / l.. At this level it suggests there is a high risk for type 2 diabetes within the next 10 years. Complication of diabetes.
Monitoring measures are simple: By making a few changes can dramatically reduce the possibility of type 2 diabetes
Examples include:
1. Control your weight.Overweight is one of the most important cause of type 2 diabetes.. Overweight will increase seven times likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes. Fat body will make you 20 to 40 times more likely to have diabetes compared with the ideal weight and healthy. Losing weight may help if your weight is above a healthy weight.
2. Stimulate your muscles regularly and make it work harder to improve its ability to use insulin and absorb glucose. This will reduce the stress on the cells of your insulin manufacturer.

3. Improve your diet. Changes in the diet can cause a major impact on the risk of type 2 diabetes. Choose a product ‘berbijirin’ complete than processed carbohydrates like white rice, white bread, bread, pancakes, cakes, and others. Eat more fruits and vegetables. The more colors the better. Reduce from 7 to 10 percent of your body weight can reduce the possibilities for your half of type 2 diabetes.Act now... Inactivity promote diabetes type 2.every two hours you sit down to watch TV apart from other active activities, will increase your chances of diabetes by 14 percent ...

4. Reduce intake of refined sugar (white sugar). . When drinking the tarik, ask less sugar or less to drink the tarik.

5. Nutritional supplements. Provides patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes essential nutrients proven to improve glucose control in addition to preventing or reducing the development of diabetic complications-compilation.